Q: I had already paid for the traffic school fee at the court, why do I need to pay it again at the school?

A: To be eligible to attend traffic school, you will need to be qualified first – had not attended traffic school within the past 18 month, was not driving a commercial vehicle when you got the ticket. Also, you need to register with the court and pay the required administration fee. It is about $60 dollars depends on which court. The fee is for the court to process your traffic school certificate and to mock the point on your driver’s record.  In another words, if you failed to pay the traffic school fee at the court, the court will reject your traffic school completion certificate sent from school as you had forfeited your right to attend traffic school.

If you want to take traffic school, but had not yet paid the court required traffic school administration fee, it is important that you contact the court and pay the fee before you register for traffic school. You can contact the court either by phone, in person or through mail.

Each traffic school is independently operated, and the fee school charges is to cover the course, generate certificate, sending the certificate to DMV/Court, and all other related services school provides. The school does not receive any school fees from the court.


Q: Your office is located in Pasadena, Southern California, but my ticket was issued in San Jose, Northern California. Can I still use your school? Will my court accept your certificate?

A. Yes. We are a California state DMV licensed online traffic school, with license number E0334.  Our traffic school completion certificate is accepted by all courts throughout California to use to mock the point. 


Q: How to make sure I enter the correct ticket information?

A: All ticket related information is listed on the letter received from the ticket-issuing court.


Q: How quickly can I complete the course?

A: By following our step-by-step format, reading through and taking the chapter review quizzes, you will be prepared to take the final exam and complete the program according to your own pace.  Many usually finish it within 3 – 6 hours, but completion time also depends on your own learning pace.  Importantly, our system does not use timer restriction, allows 24/7 unlimited log in/log out, with easy to read content, and an open book exam format – by click on the Course Content menu item anytime during the course, that provides ultimate flexibility in time management for completing the course.


Q: How soon will the traffic school completion certificate be received by DMV and updated on my DMV record?

A: As soon as you complete our program, a date stamp will be issued by our school along with the completion certificate, which will be electronically sent to DMV designated database for immediate processing . The date shown on the certificate is your official completion date which should be prior to your traffic school due date. Under normal conditions, after the court receives the completion certificate it will be processed and have your record updated within one to two weeks and you can verify the current ticket status through county superior court website ticket search.


Q: Why is the DMV issued certificate receipt confirmation important to have?

A: Each online traffic school processes the certificate DMV submission through its own devised system. There are potential human or system errors which can result in the submission being unrecorded  within the school, court, DMV process flow. Our school takes extra effort and steps to provide our students the DMV issued certificate receipt confirmation, and at the earliest possible time through instant email notification. This confirmation consist of a unique confirmation number and time-stamp issued to school by DMV upon successfully receipt of each completion record. Also, in case of court or DMV made errors that the traffic violation record was not properly cleared, this DMV issued receipt confirmation can serve as a evidence to minimize the effort and time required to correct the mistakes.


Q: What is your risk-free guarantee?

A: If you failed the final exam, you are allowed one retake. The final exam is open book. You can view the entire course content in another window by clicking on the Course Outline tap listed on the menu bar while taking the final exam. Even though most people pass the final exam at the very first try, in case the second test also failed, you can retake the entire course with your current student login ID without additional fee.


Q: Why is the court code on your website is different than the one listed on my ticket?

A: In some metropolitan area, such as Los Angeles County and Orange County, a court code is designated to process all traffic violation tickets for the entire county. For Los Angeles County it is 19463.  For Orange County it is 30470. And these are the correct codes used to process your traffic ticket in the court system.   The correspondent court code listed on our website is provided by DMV and all are correct to apply on your traffic school completion certificate.


Q: I have commercial driver license, (A or B), but I get a ticket when I drove a personal car. Can I take your traffic school to mask the point? What is the process?

A: Yes. Under the circumstance, you can take our traffic school to mask the violation point. But, in addition to complete the course, the commercial driver license holder is required to call his/her local DMV administration office to report the traffic school completion day and to request the violation point be masked. When calling the DMV office you can provide them the DMV filing confirmation number (TVCC submission number) we had emailed you after your completion.

DMV Local Offices for Commercial License Holders



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