How To Pay For Traffic Tickets Online

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Major county superior courts in California now provide convenient online services to process traffic ticket related issues. You can now pay traffic ticket fine, register for traffic school, request for court date, as well as request for extension, all conveniently online.

To start –

  • Find out the county name of the ticket issuing court. At the bottom of each ticket, there is a court address. Based on the city name of the court, find out the county which the court belongs to.
  • On the internet, find the particular county superior court website address. 
  • On the county superior court website, search for “Pay Traffic Ticket Online” or “Traffic Ticket” related subject, each county website might have different wordings.
  • Logically, you should be able to find your traffic ticket record on the website. Inside the record are information including the ticket fine, traffic school eligibility and application fee; in some court websites you can even schedule the court appearance date online.
  • After you have paid the traffic ticket fine and traffic school fee online, you can register with any DMV licensed traffic school, either is online school or in class setting to complete the traffic school requirement.  

You can find major California superior court traffic ticket online service webpage links at: – a California DMV licensed online traffic school, license no. E0334.

In case you have questions, on the county superior court website also listed all court contact phone number to answer traffic ticket related questions.



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