How Does Online Traffic School Work

All California courts accept traffic school completion certificates issued by Department of Motor Vehicles licensed schools. Your local court is responsible for processing your traffic school violation record and updating it as no-point counted on your DMV record after receiving the completion certificate ONLY IF you had registered with the local court for attending traffic school and had paid the court required traffic school administration fee.

Steps to Complete the Course

Step 1. After registering online and enrolling in the course, you will receive your Student ID in a confirming email message.

Step 2. Using the Student ID, you can login / logout to the course anytime till you successfully complete the course; the system will automatically register the sections you had completed. You may complete the course at once, or spread it into sections according to your own schedule.

Step 3. Anytime during the course, even at the quiz session or final exam, you can click on “Course Content” menu item and open the entire course content as reference. To review any chapter in the course or to find answers to the questions.

Step 4. After you pass your final exam and complete the course evaluation form, our school will immediately send the completion certificate electronically to DMV’s database for your local court to retrieve. Additionally, the student receives a copy of the completion certificate, and the DMV database issued filing confirmation number and filing time stamp, via email.

Important Information About Online Traffic School

  • It is important to enter the data accurately during the registration process, the information is required to update your Department of Motor Vehicles and court records upon successful completion of this course.
  • California DMV has a set of guidelines for online traffic schools.  In order to obtain an operation license by the California DMV and be accepted by local courts, the course content must conform with a stringent set of guidelines and be reviewed by DMV for licensing.
  • Every student must personally study each chapter, making their way through the course in a sequence of 11 small chapters in total. When ready for the testing phase, each student must pass a final exam of 25 questions with 70% score or higher, with one retake allowed in order to receive DMV acceptance for traffic violation clearance. *Even though most people pass the final exam at the very first try, in case the second test is a no pass, you can retake the entire course with your current Student ID without additional fee.
  • Upon successfully passing the final exam, each student is afforded the opportunity to fill out the course evaluation form online. From there, the completion certificate will be directly submitted by our school to DMV to update student record, and then the court will process the traffic violation record as a confidential conviction per Vehicle Code 1808.7, which means it shall not be disclosed to any person, except a court and be used only for statistical purposes by the department. No violation point count shall be assessed pursuant to section 12810.