You had successfully completed your DMV required traffic school program, and your student ID can no longer used to login to the course.

Your completion certificate has been submitted to the DMV / Court system. You should also have received a copy of the completion certificate in your e-mail.

Yes, you had completed your traffic school requirement. There is nothing more you need to do.  But, if you want to make sure the citation record / point, had been mocked from your DMV record, you can take the following steps –

  1. After giving the court few weeks to process the information, visit the ticket issuing county superior court website. Under traffic ticket online services, login to search your ticket record (same process as you will pay your ticket fine online).  When you found your record:
    • If the court had processed your completion certificate and mocked the point, the STATUS will show as DISMISSED or CLOSED.  And you should print or save this record for future reference.
    • If the STATUS is still as traffic school, you can wait and check back again, or contact the court for verification.
    • For ticket issued in Los Angles County only, few weeks after the completion, if you have question regarding the status of your ticket , you can also call (800) 555.4452 ask for verification of your ticket status. This is the traffic ticket central processing center for Los Angeles County. Providing your driver license number and the filing confirmation number we had sent you, the friendly representative will be able to help you!  

  2. If the ticket issuing county does not have website service, you can visit or phone call the traffic division of the court, and ask to verify the current status of the ticket. There is no charge for this service.

  3. If you trust the system works, you can relax and be at peace knowing that the point should be mocked on your record on the condition that you had provided correct information.  Even if mistake does happen, we will help to make the correction.  We have strong confidence that our system works.


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    Thank you for your service.

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    Thanks for your efficient and detailed course.


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