Major California county superior court websites provide service for paying traffic ticket fine online.  You can also use the same link to request for attending traffic school, filing for extension and reviewing traffic school completion status, or scheduling a court date. Yes, it is not necessary to visit the court house in person and spending hours waiting;  these online services are very reliable, convenient and time saving.

  • First you need to find out which County is your traffic ticket issuing court belongs to.
  • Find out the county superior court website address.
  • Then look for pay traffic ticket online or similar links to find your traffic ticket record. Then you can pay for your traffic ticket and register for traffic school online.

How to Verify the Point Had Been Masked|Processed by the Court?

Also, after you had completed the traffic school requirement, you can also follow the same path to verify weather the court had updated the ticket status and closed the case. Please allow few weeks after your completion for the court to process your certificate. When the website ticket status shows “Case Dismissed” which is an indicator that court had processed your case and the point had been masked. If you are not able to find the information on the court website, then you can always contact court directly via phone or personal visit to verify.