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  • Easy to read content with informative information including updated traffic laws which helps to prevent future traffic violations.
  • Open book exam format helps users to quickly find answers to exam questions. Eleven small chapters with review quizzes at the end of each chapter designed to help you pass the final exam.

  • With focused effort, most people can finish the course within  3- 6 hours. We guarantee you will PASS! 
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  • Available 24/7— You can start your course anytime, anywhere with a desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet or smart phone. It’s that easy!
  • Multiple Login/out— Course work automatically saved after logging out,  you can finish the course once or work on small sections at different times. It’s that flexible.
  • No Timer Restriction— No need to be bound to the computer for 8 hours, complete the course according to your own schedule, at your own pace, and as quickly as you can
Immediate DMV & Court E-Filing
  • Upon successfully passing the course, our school will instantly submit a completion certification to the DMV and for your local court to retrieve and process.
  • Our school also provide you a FREE copy of completion certificate as legal document.
  • In addition, we will email you the DMV/Court system generated filing confirmation number and filing time-stamp to assure you the completion certificate had been received by the court successfully.

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Our program has a built-in system to ensure the successful filing of student’s completion certificate with the DMV/court system. Our school provides our students with DMV issued certificate receipt confirmation number and time-stamp, which serves as the legal evidence that your traffic school requirement is completed, within required time frame, and successfully received by DMV and court system.



How Does Traffic School Affect Insurance Premium?

Traffic school is a privilege given by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the California court system. By enrolling in a DMV licensed traffic school, the alleged traffic offense will be processed as a “confidential conviction,” meaning the alleged traffic offense will not be disclosed to any person except a court and shall be used by the DMV only for statistical purposes and no violation point count shall be assessed. Consequently, it prevents drastic increases in auto insurance premiums.  Since one point will be maintained in the DMV’s record for three years, this can result in savings to your insurance premium of over $1,000 for a three year period.

(Please note this course is not applicable to DUI convictions or commercial vehicle convictions of commercial vehicle license holders.)


Most Reliable California DMV Licensed Online Traffic School

As approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Approved Epass Traffic School offers a licensed online traffic school program which is qualified to meet the 8-hour traffic school requirement and accepted by all local courts throughout California.

Traffic school course content and design can vary widely from school to school.  Approved Epass Traffic School offers a quick completion program designed with easy-to-read content, open-book exams, and no timer restriction.  This allows each student to complete the program at its individual learning speed and according to its own time schedule, while quickly learning updated traffic laws and safety driving tips.

Our program has a built-in system to ensure the successful filing of student’s completion certificate with the DMV/court system. We provide our student with the DMV system issued certificate filing confirmation, which includes a filing confirmation number and filing time-stamp. This constitutes legal evidence that serves two useful purposes:  (1) as evidence that student has completed and submitted the traffic school requirement within the court-mandated deadline; and (2) to correct any processing errors that may be caused by the DMV or local court systems. This makes our online traffic school a reliable program that can earn your trust.


How to Pay Traffic Ticket Fine Online?

Major California county superior court websites provide service for paying traffic ticket fine online.  You can also use the same link to request for attending traffic school, filing for extension and reviewing traffic school completion status, or scheduling a court date. Yes, it is not necessary to visit the court house in person and spending hours waiting;  these online services are very reliable, convenient and time saving.

  • First you need to find out which County is your traffic ticket issuing court belongs to.
  • Find out the county superior court website address.
  • Then look for pay traffic ticket online or similar links to find your traffic ticket record. Then you can pay for your traffic ticket and register for traffic school online.

How to Verify the Point Had Been Mocked by the Court?

Also, after you had completed the traffic school requirement, you can also follow the same path to verify weather the court had updated the ticket status and closed the case. Please allow few weeks after your completion for the court to process your certificate. When the website ticket status shows “Case Dismissed” which is an indicator that court had processed your case and the point had been mocked. If you are not able to find the information on the court website, then you can always contact court directly via phone or personal visit to verify.

We are California DMV licensed online traffic school. License No. E0334

Our completion certificates are accepted by all courts throughout California.

Click to search and view our license on DMV website. Enter our license No. E0334


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